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Hardware update: GTX 1070

Few days ago I got an GFX upgrade: I bought a GeForce GTX 1070 by MSI, thanks to @Obraxis. I’m really happy with it – price was good, I got a free copy of latest Gears of War, performance is awesome, and it does have passive mode. I had few issues with it though!

My previous GPU was a GTX 780 by Asus. It was pretty awesome too, but damn, performance got DOUBLED with the 1070! Check out the benchmark results here. Score on GTX 780 was almost exactly 3000 points.


The big issue I had with this piece of hardware was pretty intense. Right since I logged on to my OS, I saw shit ton of artifacts. I was confused – I checked all cables and installed fresh drivers. It was a bit better, but I had to return the card on day 3. The second unit is having this issue too, but I haven’t seen it since a week ago.

After some digging, it turned out I was not going insane. MSI had to recall a whole batch of those cards released on Chineese market! But hey, I’m in Europe, right? Nope, looks like a lot of manufacturers used shitty Micron memory! Thankfully, it can be fixed with an update to card’s BIOS. Again, thanks to @Obraxis for sending me that link. After checking my card with GPU-Z, here’s what I saw:


All in all, I’m happy with my new GPU!